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Pianostukken van Sinta Wullur & Van Veenendaal

Pianostukken van Sinta Wullur & Van Veenendaal

12.30 - 15.00

Deelnemers 3 / 20

Amsterdam - Noord-Holland
Min. 2 - max. 20

Deelnemers 3 / 20

40 - 65 jaar
€ 17,50
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Laurens de Boer (piano) plays Sinta Wullur & Albert van Veenendaal
Music of Albert van Veenendaal and Sinta Wullur, played by Laurens de Boer

Sinta Wullur: Aqua Piano; Samudra; RaGaMaLan; Bali in Blue; Takita Nyeledèt

Gesprek Sinta en Albert

Albert van Veenendaal: Pelogical Preparations; Sunrise; And the monkey dances, dances, dances..; In Bali when it rains; Interlocking;
Compositions for Piano solo by Sinta Wullur
In Sinta Wullur's compositions for piano solo you can hear the musical reservoirs from which she draws. On the one hand, piano works by Maurice Ravel en Morton Feldman, which she loves to play as a pianist, and on the other hand, Javanese and Balinese gamelan and Indian music, which she also enjoys performing. Laurens de Boer shows the different musical worlds, integrated into the stand-alone pieces. The repetitive nature is the common denominator. It sounds in the of waves of water in Aqua Piano, Samudra and Ragamalan. The repetitiveness is present in a different way in the obstinate pieces based on the gamelan such as Bali in Blue and Takita Nyeledèt.

**Interlocking by Albert van Veenendaal **
In this project Pianist Laurens de Boer and composer Albert van Veenendaal work closely together. Laurens plays (with) compositions that Albert wrote for him. In these pieces we are drawn into a harmonious world of sound, inspired by far-away countries (Indonesia??). We hear music that could be Gamelan (but it isnt), that could be Jazz (but it isnt). What it is, will be defined by the ears and phantasy of the listener. Not only will Laurens play written notes, he will also improvise with the composed material.
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