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Radboud Reflects met philosopher Michael Sandel

Radboud Reflects met philosopher Michael Sandel

19.30 - 21.30

Deelnemers 6 / 10

Nijmegen - Gelderland
Min. 2 - max. 10

Deelnemers 6 / 10

35 - 59 jaar
€ 15,00
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Radboud Reflects lezing in het Engels. De lezing wordt voorafgegaan door een ceremonie waarin Michael Sandel een eredoctoraat van de Radboud Universiteit krijgt uitgereikt.

Who should govern us? In the current climate of resentment against authority and elites, who are best equipped to rule our country? Should our governments always consist of the best and the brightest? Or should we rather aim at regimes that are representing the citizens both on a social-economic and an educational level? Come and learn from one of the world’s renowned philosophers Michael Sandel, who will shed his light on these and related questions.

Michael Sandel will receive an honorary doctorate from Radboud University prior to this lecture. You are welcome to attend this academic ceremony.

A brew of anger and frustration
In his bestseller and Book of the Year 2020 The Tyranny of Merit, philosopher Michael Sandel argues that we live in an age of winners and losers, where the odds are stacked in favor of those who already have a head start. The consequence is a brew of anger and frustration that has fueled populist protest. To overcome the polarized politics of our time, Sandel states, we must rethink our attitude toward success and failure that has accompanied rising inequality. He offers an alternative way of thinking about success – more attentive to the role of luck in human affairs, more conductive to an ethics of humility, and more hospitable to a politics of the common good.

Backlash against experts and elites
Especially for this occasion, Michael Sandel will elaborate on meritocracy in relation to authority and government. Are those with academic credentials better equipped to govern us than differently educated citizens? And what accounts for the backlash against experts and elites? After his interactive lecture, Sandel will discuss these and related questions in more detail with Radboud scholars Carolien van Ham, Vivienne Matthies-Boon and Christoph Lüthy. Philosopher and ethicist Marcel Becker will chair the evening.

This program is in English.
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