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Doloris in Tilburg

Doloris in Tilburg

12.00 - 16.00

Deelnemers 1 / 5 (min. 2)

Tilburg - Noord-Brabant
Min. 2 - max. 5

Deelnemers 1 / 5 (min. 2)

25 - 49 jaar
€ 25,00
Uitleg kosten:
Ticket Doloris (exclusief drankje)


De uitkomst van de online brainstorm van de NMLK sessie van 25 maart is een leuk uitje naar Doloris:

Are you ready for a trip into the unknown?

Doloris invites you to enter her Meta Maze, an individual walkthrough art experience with over 40 rooms of surreal art, designed and built by the creators of Karmanoia. In the realm of Doloris, you immerse yourself in a world beyond ours. As you follow oblique pathways, slip through hidden loopholes, walk through walls and encounter mysterious objects, time becomes fluid.

Voor meer info, zie de website! De tocht door de maze duurt maximaal een uur en is individueel.

Extra disclaimer van de site:

The Meta Maze is not suitable / cannot be entered when you are:
• pregnant
• physically and/or mentally unstable
• in a wheelchair
• sensitive to an epileptic seizure
• under the age of 12
• claustrophobic and/or have a fear of small, dark spaces
• have an anxiety disorder
• night-blind/can see poorly in the dark

What should I wear to the Meta Maze?
I know you like to look your best, but for the Meta Maze you should wear thin clothes in which you can move easily. The experience itself is very physical due to a lot of climbing and crawling, so you can get warm easily. Also make sure to not wear dresses, heels, open shoes or flip flop

Kortom heb je zin om je zintuigen te laten prikkelen op je eigen tempo en daarna samen onder het genot van een drankje van de beleving na te genieten. Ga gezellig mee! Tot zondag!